Chimpanzee at Gombe NP
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On the shores of lake  Tanganyika, in Tanzania,  there is a very small National park called Gombe.   About 50 years back, on 1960, young girl named Jane Goodall, arrived here to start a research on chimpanzees.  Soon after her arrival at the place, she observed the chimps inserting thin branches into termite mound, collecting the termites, and eat it. It was the first time ever, that chimps were observed making tools!  This discovery and many more,  made Gombe NP  very famous!

To this days, the park has about 100 chimps, most of them habituated to people, a fact that helps the visitor stand not far from them and observe them. Here you can see GAYA, my sister, with her new born baby.  Chimps DNA is very similar to ours, their hairless relatives.