Kilimanjaro, the Queen of Africa
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Almost unreal, Mt Kilimanjaro, almost 5900 m’ high, is the highest free standing mountain in the world (free standing means that it  stand by itself and not part of mountains chain) !  Kilimanjaro stand on the border of Kenya and Tanzania, and is always dressed in white wedding dress, that with the climate change is getting shorter and shorter.

The first Europeans to see the mountain were two German missionaries, Rev Rebmann and Rev Krapf. As we are today, they were amazed to discover snow cap very near the equator. They were the first to mention the name: KILIMANJARO, but up to-day, no one knows why it was called so, since the local people, the Chagga, never heard of it.

The Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano, created at the same time as the Great Rift Valley, and last erupted about 200,000 years ago.