View from Senegal river

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St. Louis  (or Ndar, as it is called in Wollof) , is located on an island on the Senegal river, near it flow to the Atlantic ocean, in north Senegal.

The town was established by French merchants in 1653. They built a trade post here, and called it by the name of king Louis the 14.  From here they traded slaves, some gold.  From 1673 up to 1902, The town  was the capital of the French colony (later moved to Dakar).

 On the 19th century (1848), The town was among the four settlements (together with Goree, Dakar and Rufisque) that  the  inhabitants got full French citizenship (known as ‘The four Communes’).

Today, St. Louis,  which inhabited by approx 200,000 people,  Is a UNESCO world heritage site.


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