Pirouge on Senegal river

Pirouge, Senegal river, Decorated Boat, colorful,
pirouge, Senegal river

The source of Senegal river are the Falémé and Bafing rivers, starting in  Fouta Djallon plateau in Guinea. It run  approx 1700 Km till it reach the Atlantic ocean near the Town of St. Louis in north Senegal. The total drainage  basin is about 450,000 kms!

The river has few tributaries, that at the border between Mali, Mauritania and Senegal, combine to one river, the Senegal. From there, the river flow west (about 800 kms), and form the border between Senegal and Mauritania.

There are 140 species of fish in the river, none of them endemic. Among them you may find the African Carp, Catfish, Electric catfish and even Nile perch.