Books about Africa

Going to Africa, try to prepare yourself: for your Safari, get some animals and birds book. Read stories and novels about Africa and get some Coffee albums as souvenirs.

Here you will find my recommendation of books on Africa:

Wildlife Guides:

Kingdon African MammalsThe kingdon Pocket  guide to African mammals. Is an easy to use illustrated  guide That covers all species of terrestrial mammals.





East African mammalsWhile the above deals with mammals all over Africa, here is a pocket guide to East African (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) wildlife with its 475   common species of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and trees all in full colored photos.





Stevenson birds

For Birds lovers, There are quite few, very good, Birds guides. You may try The  Stevenson and Fanshawe ‘Birds of East Africa’  , The Stevenson and Redman Birds  of the horn of Africa‘ , the Sinclair and Hockey ‘Birds of Southern Africa’   Or the very  ambitious Sinclair and Ryan ‘Birds of Africa south of the Sahara’



Books about Africa by non-African writers:

    barbarak             The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingslover. A great book describing Africa (the Congo) through the eyes of a missionary family.






Books about Africa by African writers

Chinua AchebeChinua Achebe is an African writer from Nigeria, and a winner of Nobel prize. His books, although from the 60′, are as good old wine.  This book  ‘Things fall Apart’ focus on the effect of the white people arrival into the life of African village.



Coffee table Albums

African ceremoniesAngela Fisher and Carol Beckwith are Talented photographers. In my opinion their photo albums, showings the people and cultures of Africa, are among the best one can find. This Album is about African Ceremonies, and you may have a look on more  of thier books:  Maasai,  Dinka‘,  ‘Ethiopia, and some general ones  like: Africa Adorned , rites of passage, faces of Africa, and pained bodies.