Bushmen Rock engraving

Namibia, Twyfelfontein, engraving, bushmen, rock art, sand stone,
Lion engaved on the rock

In the desert land of Namibia, The San people (bushmen) used to hunt animals and gather plants. They used to hide and find shelters not far from water springs. Twyfelfontein is such a place. Its meaning, ‘The hesitating fountain’ tells us that not always  water used to flow. Anyway, the combination of water, shade, and  soft rock (sand stone), made it ideal for carvings.

Twyfelfontein is very big site with hundreds of engraving, which can teach us about the wildlife in the past: Lions, Giraffes, Rhinos, Zebraselephants, ostriches, Kudus etc’.

There are also few paintings, mostly of people, painted with red ochre.

Twyfelfontein is a UNESCO world heritage site.