Tuareg woman in the Sahara
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Tuareg is the name the Arabs gave to the nomad people of the Sahara desert, which for centuries, as camel breeders, used to control the Sahara desert caravans routes.

 The Tamashek (or IMAZIGHEN)  as  they call themselves, number over one million people, most of them in Niger and Mali,  which, due to harsh conditions of the desert, live in small, separate groups, that till recently were not politically organized.

The Tuareg became Muslims on the 12th century, but accepted  only parts of the traditional Islam. E.g. they don’t fast in the Ramadan, the women (unlike the men) do not cover the faces with veils, etc’.

A Tuareg woman has a very important role in life, she is very dominant, own her tent, goats and sheep. The women are free to choose the husband, and free to divorce!  Note how the woman in the photo covers her mouse, it is considered impolite for a woman to expose her mouse near strangers!

Look at the bluish color of her hands, that is caused by the Indigo blue color of the cloths the Tuareg wear, which gave them the nickname ‘The blue people’.