On top of Mt. Kenya

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Beautiful lake on Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya, in Kenya, rise to 5,199 m’ high, the second highest peak in Africa!  It is extinct Volcano, that was created, like many other volcanoes in east-Africa, at the time of the Rift-valley creation. The mountain rise up about 3000 m’  above its surroundings (Laikipia plateau) which make it one of the highest ‘free standing mountains’ in the world.

Interesting to note, Mt Kenya is lying immediately on the equator , fact that influence the vegetation:  One climbs from the Grass and Acacia zone (1800 m’) to  thick rain forest (Junipers and Podocarpus trees)  (2400 m’)  to Bamboo zone  (2,500 m’).  At  3000 m’ The  dominant flora is Erica (heather), and from 3,500 m’  Afro-Alpine vegetation is found with some giants like the Lobelia and the Sencio that you can see in front of the picture.