Maasai  Eunoto  ceremony

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mother shaving her son hair

Eunoto ceremony is the second public ceremony that a Maasai man will pass in his lifetime.

Every man, after his circumcision at the age of about 18, is entering an age-group, and become MORAN (warrior). The morans leaves their homes and travel all over Maasai-land for seven years. That is the only time when a Maasai man must grow his hair. The hair is plated in a special way and smeared with ocher. They also decorate their bodies.

Eunoto is the ceremony that  end  the moranhood. At height of the ceremony, the mothers are shaving their son head. For the moran, it is very dramatic moment, since like Samson from the bible, it was a source of pride and power.

At the end of the ceremony, the shaved man are going back to their villages as young adults.