Lion with a kill at the Maasai Mara

Male lion, Lion with kill, Lion in the grass,
Lion eats zebra

Lions Belong to the cat family (Felidae), They ¬†are the only social member in that family. They live in large groups called ‘prides’, consisting of 2-3 males and 7-10 related females and their cubs.

The adult males usually join the females for 2-3 years, before they are chest away by younger lions.

As Social predators, that need to feed large family, they hunt big prey: zebra, giraffe, buffalo, wildebeest etc’. Females do almost all of the hunting and work in teams to ambush prey. Lions inhabit bush Savannah, open woodlands and scrub country, which allow them to hide while hunting.

Their biggest enemy are the Hyenas, which fight them over prey, and kill their cubs.

Lion population in Africa, is about 25,000, Mostly in eastern and southern Africa.


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