Elmina port

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Port of Elmina

Along the coast of Ghana we can find many fortress built by the Europeans from the 15th century on.

The oldest of them, in fact the oldest European structure built in sub-Saharan Africa, is the  Elmina castle, Built in 1482 by Portuguese traders.  Its name, from the Portuguese word for ‘Mine’, revile the reason  for it construction: search for the gold that is abundant in this part of Africa.

In 1637, following its capture by the Dutch, it served as slave trade post with Brazil and the Caribbean.

The British came next, in the 1800s, took control of the whole coast and  named the new colony “Gold Coast”.They  moved their headquarter to the nearby town of Cape coast.

The Elmina castle is shadowing the little, but very busy port. Every morning dozens of boats are making their way back to the port, where  a busy fish market goes on till mid-day.