Axum broken Obelisk

Obelisk, broken, Axum, Ethiopia, monolith,
500 tonnes obelisk !

The Broken obelisk is found in the ancient town of Axum (Ethiopia) the birth place of the Axumite empire, that was one of the biggest empire in the old world.  The kings of Axum used to erect obelisks on top of their graves.


This Obelisk, a monolith carved from one Granite stone, on the 4th century, is the biggest known stone that was carved in the old world. Its base is  2.35X3.84 meters and its height is 33.5 Meter! It weight about 500 tonnes!  WoW!

Archaeologists  believe  that the Obelisk fell and broke at the time of its erection, and it lay here for about 2000 years.