Impressing waterfall on the Blue Nile

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Lots of water

The Blue Nile is one of the two main  tributaries  of the Nile river.  It originated at Lake Tana  in Ethiopia. The second  tributary  is the white Nile, that originate  in Lake Victoria. The confluence of the two  tributaries  is in Khartoum, Sudan.

The Blue Nile, or Abbay as it is called in Amharic, although shorter than the white Nile (Its length is about 1,500 Kms)  contribute  about 75% of the volume  water!

The rainy season in the Ethiopian highland is between June to September, So most of the water pass in the river  within four to five month.

About 30 Kms after leaving Lake Tana, the river fall into a very narrow gorge and create beautiful waterfall, specially on September-October, at the end of the rainy season.