Ethiopia, Alaba woman

Ethiopia, Alaba, Alaba woman tribe, face, Muslim
Alaba woman

The Alaba (Halaba) ethnic group live in the rift valley, south of Addis-Ababa. They number about 250,000 people. Research show, that they became Muslims in the mid 19th century. They speak a Cushitic language, related to the Oromo language.

Although their territory consist of dry savanna, the Alaba  cultivating  teff, maize, paprika, potatoes, beans, wheat and sorghum.

The Alaba has a chief, called Woma and elder council (called Ogate) which take decisions. Meeting place is  in a tree shade. Women are in charge of feeding them.

The Alaba men have a very unique straw long hats.

The Alaba houses are  very big, circular with thatched roof. It divided into three parts: a kitchen, sitting and sleeping area, and a stable where the cows are kept. Inside and outside, the Alaba houses are beautifully decorated with natural colors: Black, red and white.