what a smile!
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The young girl in the Photo belongs to the AFAR Ethnic group.  ‘Afar’ in their language means ‘The Best’ or ‘First’.

The Afar people Numbering about 2.5 Million in four countries (Ethiopia:1.5m’, Djibouti 500,000, Eritrea 350,000, Somalia 150,000), All of them are Muslims.

The Afar Language is classified as a separate language in the Eastern Cushitic group Linguists generally identifies four distinct dialects of Afar: Northern, Central, Aussa and Baadu.

Socially, they are divided into two main groups: the asaimara (‘reds’) , and the adoimara (‘whites’) who are a working class and are found in the Mabla Mt (northern part of Djibouti). [It is thought the color designations came from the reddish soil deserts inland, toward the direction the newcomers came from, and the white saline coastal areas, where the Adoyahamara are still more numerous. The Reds remain socially dominant, and claim ownership of the lands, while the Whites tend to be the herders. Both classes are, however, distributed among all the clans of the tribe].

Economy depends on livestock, especially goats, some camels, and, more rarely, cattle.

But some of them like this man, mine and export salt From the Danakil desert.