East African Crowned Crane

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Blue eyes and red throat pouch



























The East African crowned crane ( gibbericeps) , or Grey crowned crane as it is also being called,  got its name due to the grey plumage and  the crest of golden feathers on top of the head. Note its blue eyes!   It is very difficult to distinguish between male and female.

The Crowned crane is not migratory.   It stays  near wetland, and there is where its build its nest, made of grass,  just a little bit above the ground.

The  omnivorous bird find its food near the wetlands. It enjoy eating  insects, fish, seeds, warms, lizards, etc’

Male and female usually stay together.  In the mating season, the male is dancing in front of the female, spreading is huge wings in a wonderful display. The female will follow him to this ‘Tango’, and both, opened wings, dance in circles.

The Crowned crane is the national bird of Uganda.